Craig McCourry is an American film director with a long career working on film productions in over 70 countries. He oversees all phases of the productions, from script to screen. Craig's latest movie “Hong Kong 1942” is part of the Battle of Hong Kong World War II trilogy, which includes “Christmas at the Royal Hotel” (2019) and “Battlebox” being released in 2023. 

Each month we receive 10 to 20 inquires from other producers, writers, directors and/or companies interested in pitching their script or movie idea. Realistically, we need any new production to have some financial backing before we would seriously evaluate it. Our focus is either historical drama movies or Asian themed productions. If your production meets the minimum of these criteria, then you can send me an email with just a short logline (1 or 2 sentences), estimated budget and how much of the budget has been secured by you and your team.

We welcome film/TV licensing inquiries in all territories worldwide for all platforms and all media.

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