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Craig McCourry is an American film director based in Hong Kong. His interest in history has pushed his career into the realm of historical dramas that showcase World War II, political intrigue, and spy-themed storylines with a Hong Kong / East Asia backdrop.

Here is the current movie lineup:

Battlebox: With a sudden attack by the Japanese, British Major-General Maltby and his top officers struggle with the decision to either fight to the death or offer a humiliating surrender of the British Colony of Hong Kong. (In Post-Production)

Hong Kong 1942: In Japanese occupied Hong Kong a British agent conspires with a Chinese dancing girl to smuggle life-saving medicines to allied prisoners of war. 96 minutes (Completed in March 2021)

Christmas at the Royal Hotel: In 1941, Hong Kong was the Casablanca of the East, a city full of war refugees, profiteers, and spies. With the sudden attack by Japanese Imperial troops, a Canadian soldier’s Christmas promise is broken during the Battle of Hong Kong. 108 minutes (Completed in 2018)

A 4th production is currently in development/pre-production and will be announced in due course.

More film production information can be found on Craig's IMDB page:
McCourry Films

Craig McCourry helms his production company, McCourry Films LLC, a boutique film production company that focuses on Asian-themed, historical drama feature films.

* Hong Kong / American productions and international co-productions
* Network of talented film crew and actors based in Hong Kong
* Post-production facility
* Maintains in-house vintage props and wardrobe departments for historical drama productions
* Extensive knowledge of locations for filming in Hong Kong
* Experience shooting in over 70 countries worldwide.

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American Film Archive

American Film Archive is an online educational resource for filmmakers seeking to safeguard their digital video / motion picture data for long-term preservation. The goal of "best practices" in the preservation of film, video and digital content is a moving target that can present conflicting viewpoints. American Film Archive strives to provide filmmakers multiple informational resources so that they can better develop their own long-term preservation strategy for their valuable media collections.

In addition, the American Film Archive has over one million feet of historical footage shot during the 1920s to 1960s from many worldwide locations. Country specific locations in the archive collection include; United States, United Kingdom, West Germany, France, Japan, China, India, Soviet Union, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, Portugal, Canada, Morocco, Israel, Denmark, Philippines, Finland, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Venezuela, Panama, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, Indonesia, Macao, Netherlands, Vatican, Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Oman and Fiji.

President & Founder: Craig McCourry

Craig has filmed one of the world's largest HD footage collections during his 25+ years working as an international cameraman. His diverse moving image collection shot over those years encompasses 35mm & 16mm motion picture film, analog video and the current HD digital video formats. His cinematographic worked has been featured in thousands of TV shows, films and media productions. As an avid traveller, Craig has worked on location in over 70 countries seeking out those magical cinematic moments. During the course of his career, Craig has confronted many of the moving image preservation issues when dealing with his own collection. Realizing that there probably are many other filmmakers with the same concerns, Craig started to promote the sharing of information on moving image preservation from other experts and online resources from around the world.

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