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Battlebox (in post production)


Upcoming feature film BATTLEBOX is currently in production in 2021.


Synopsis for BATTLEBOX:

In 1941, Hong Kong is the Eastern Fortress of the British Empire. With the sudden attack by Japanese forces, three intertwined stories unravel against the backdrop of a collapsing city. First, the story of two Chinese sisters, one who works as a courtesan, the other inside British military headquarters known as the Battlebox, become swept up in a botched spy operation. Second, a tight band of Rajput soldiers on the Gin Drinkers Line becomes trapped in a Japanese ambush, requiring an act of bravery to save the others. Third, an unnerving fog-of-war descends upon Major-General Maltby and his top officers as they struggle with the decision to either fight to the death or offer a humiliating surrender of the British Colony.

Starring: Mira Leung, Jai Day, Michael Szuc, Lucia Lam, Alexander Zorn, Inderjeet Singh, Aryaman Jain, Anthony Chan Yui Keung

Supporting Actors: Nick Ford, Stuart Woods, Cyril Ma, Alan Chang, Margaret Lee, Evelyn Wang, Bowie Wing Wai Chan, Carmen Doida, David Li, Clive Miners, Rex Yiu, Kannie Chung, Kathy Wen, Marc Rooney, Covin Cheng, Michelle Ng, Jasmine Lam, Amod Kumar Rai, Benjamin L. O'Neill, Kathy Mak, Paresh Nyati, Callum Chan, Michael Worboys, Charlene Hua, Jenny Chan, Patrick Brousseau, Mark Sung, Catherine Mang, Carlo Go, Jecky Irawan, Neela Gioswami, Neil Ward, Alok Jain, Eugene Hsiang, Taine Elson, Gordon Struthers, Yip Chan Wai, Iwan Wai Fung Mok, Morgan Guth, Timothy Rankin, Lee Jean Chang Jenson, Yuen Man Nok, Anson Snedden D’Costa, Stefan Antonic

Written & Directed by Craig McCourry

Executive Producers: Kathy Wen, Stuart Woods, Clive Miners, Craig McCourry
Producers: Grace Yan Yan Mak, Gordon Struthers, Teacup Productions, Sandra McCourry-Oldaker

Director of Photography: William Kwok
Camera Operators: Sherman Leung, Craig McCourry, William Wong
Aerial Drone Photography: William Wong, Wesley Yip Chan Wai

Sound Recordists: Eric Low, Wesley Yip Chan Wai
Boom Operators: Benjamin Robinson, Craig Addison

Film set designers & builders: Stuart Woods, Clive Miners, Gordon Struthers

Gaffers: William Wong, Kwan Kwun Leong

Additional dialogue/Historical consultant: Tony Banham
Historical consultant: Bill Lake
Military uniform advisor: Taine Elson
Makeup & Hair: Josephine Vibar
Production assistant: Jasmine Lam

Special Thanks: Michael Tse, Leigh Hardwick

Production status: In Post Production
Estimated completion: November 2021

Period Drama / English language / 4K / 90 minutes (estimated)


Logline: In Japanese occupied Hong Kong a British agent conspires with a Chinese dancing girl to smuggle life-saving medicines to allied prisoners of war.

In 1942, Hong Kong is under Japanese occupation. But unbeknownst to the Japanese, British agents are operating inside the city. Ling (Franchesca Wong), a beautiful Chinese dancer who works at the Pearl Club is part of the resistance. For Ling, it’s personal, as her brother Covin (Monty Lo) is being held prisoner inside a POW camp. Covin is dying and desperately needs penicillin to save his life. Charles (Alex Pychtin), posing as a Swedish national, has set up a clandestine smuggling operation to help funnel food and medicine to the allied prisoners. Unfortunately, a run-in with Norimoto (Siu-Hay Yip), the Japanese camp commander, arouses suspicions about Charles's activities. When Ling gets injured on a mission to Cheung Chau, a bond starts to form between Charles and Ling. But the Kenpeitai (Military Police Corps) investigation turns up the heat as their illicit operations start to unravel. Ling feels trapped, as escaping from Hong Kong means leaving her brother behind. For love, for a future, a price for freedom will have to be paid.

Starring: Franchesca Wong, Alex Pychtin, Siu-Hay Yip, Stanley Lui, Kristina Pakhomova, Monty Lo, Michael Szec, Bill Aitchison, Indy Chun leung Lee and Ashley Leung.

Supporting actors: Nick Ford, Bill Lake, Kathy Mak, Long-yin Wong, Wilfred Pereira, Bowie Wing Wai Chan, Henry Tang, Stacy Wong, Yip Chan Wai, Iwan Wai Tung Mok, Mak Chi Piu David, Aaron Luk Kwan Lam, Melissa Po, Kannie Chung, Jiaming Daniel Zhang, Stuart Woods, Leung Yuk Wa, Matthew Cheung, Aryaman Jain, Lucinda McDonald, Michael Park, Toh Han Shih, Rita Thao, Michael Yang, Rose Tsang, Kwan Kwun Leong, Serena Kong, Timothy Rankin, Klair Ng, Harriet Hei Yan Yeung, Kwong Ying Ying, Kathy Wen, Yueh Man Bun, Endo Eita, Eric Wan, Iris Tai, David Pierre, Jecky Irawan, Christy Demetrio-Donahue, Nazareth Lee, Covin Cheng, Viola Tang, Tim Tsui, Vickie Monthong, Frederick Lau, Helen Louise Norton, Lai Mui Ng, David Li Hoi Yuk , Alexander Zorn, Cyril Ma, Mike Powers, Kristy Pang, Callum Chan, Raymond Ng, Yu Wing Shan Ashley, Anthony Chan Yui Keung, Roy Tan, Taine Elson, Geneve Ku, Chang Leung Kitty Norika, Veronica Chan Ho Ting, Chun Him Wong, Lo Kwong-yue, Chau Tan Fung, Wong ka yu Leo, Lam Tsz Fung, Canetti Chung, Yolanda Li Yuen Tung, Carmen Doida, Chow Hoi shing Aero 

Written & Directed by Craig McCourry
Directors of Photography: Wai Lun Kwok, Craig McCourry
Music Composers: Katie So, David Mak
Additional music by: Diego A. R. Delfino
Camera operators: Aaron Luk Kwan Lam, William Wong
Camera gimbal operator: Aaron Luk Kwan Lam
Drone camera operator: Lam Ka-Leung
Assistant camera: Lawrence Wong
Gaffers: Kwan Kwun leong, William Wong
Sound Designer: Anthony Yeung
Sound: Wesley Yip Chan Wai, Eric Low, Isobel Shahzneen Saunders, Celia Lai, Matthew Barr
Movie props: Clive Miners, Stuart Woods 
Art Department: Jacky Fong, Misaki Nagaoka, Rachel Wong Man Ting, Isobel Shahzneen Saunders, Bianca Habana, Kit Phuong
Visual Effects: Marc Anthony C. Parra, Dhaneesh KJ, Aleksandr Shadrin, Amir Mallek
Military Historical Advisors: Bill Lake, Rusty Tsoi
Costume Supervisor: Rebekah Scott
Makeup by Cathy Zhang, Sandy Image
Production assistants: Naz Lee, Everett Mellish
Special thanks: Stuart Woods, Clive Miners, Leigh Hardwick, Dave Willott, Florian Knothe, Sarah Ng, Bryan Ong, Andrew Junker, Wil Cheung, Chelsea Choi
Filmed in Hong Kong

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Historical Drama / Feature Film / 4K / Color / English
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Christmas at the Royal Hotel


In 1941, Hong Kong was the Casablanca of the East, a city full of war refugees, profiteers and spies. With the sudden attack by Japanese Imperial troops, a Canadian soldier’s Christmas promise is broken during the Battle of Hong Kong. Historical drama, English, 108 minutes.

Christmas at the Royal Hotel tells the story of the 1941 Battle of Hong Kong. In an attempt to fortify the military defensive lines, a large contingent of Canadian soldiers sailed to the shores of this far-flung British colony. One of the Canadian soldiers named Tom (Harry Oram) checks into the Royal Hotel, a slightly defunct establishment full of war profiteers, refugees and spies. At the hotel, Tom meets a mysterious Chinese lady named Mayling (Lydia Lee Tang) who works for the South China News Agency. Mayling is haunted by the ongoing war in China, especially after her husband goes missing during a secret meeting with some Chinese revolutionaries. Mayling’s quest for answers leads her to a Mr. Cheung (Wil Cheung), a hard-nosed political operator with uncertain loyalties. It is within this vortex of intrigue that a young hotel maid named Lily (Ashley Leung) has stumbled onto hard times since losing contact with her family in China. In her struggle for a hopeful future, Lily makes plans to celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday with someone who has captured her heart. On December 8th, the sudden Japanese attack on Hong Kong changes everything. The fighting goes badly for the British, as the Japanese forces quickly gain the upper hand. It soon becomes apparent to Tom, Mayling, and Lily that Hong Kong will fall to the Japanese. In a city on the verge of collapse, these desperate survivors must make hard sacrifices as the sword of fate drops without fear or favor. Some promises will never be kept during Hong Kong’s darkest hour.

**Christmas at the Royal Hotel available on iTunes**

Written & Directed by Craig McCourry
Produced by Grace Yan Yan Mak
Cinematography by Craig McCourry & William Kwok
Music by Katie So & David Mak
Costume Design by Kenix Ho & Rebekah Scott
Makeup by Bianca Habana & Jenn Leung
Sound by Summer Greich, Ansh Grey, Remy Lam & Naz Lee
Military Consultant ~ Bill Lake

Starring: Harry Oram, Lydia Lee Tang, Ashley Leung, Wil Cheung, Michael Szuc, Vimal Vaz, Parker Chen, George John Alex, Nick Daryanani, Perrie Kapernaros, Jai Day, Rayve Zen, Jane Choi, Irene Ching, Ines Laimins, Leo Ou-fan Lee, Jessica Yeung, Cyril Ma, Nis Gron, Nick Ford, Denis Moldovean, Felix Chang, Paul Cox, Bowie Chan, Bosco Wong, Mike Yip, Monty Lo, Tom Lau, Davis Lam.

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Synopsis: A fresh-faced cast of young Hongkongers
confront their challenges of work / life balance
within the confines of a more traditional society.

HongKonglicious unravels some
of the conundrums that haunt the lives
of its youth who struggle to survive
within the neon-lit jungle of Hong Kong.

Written & Directed by Craig McCourry
Produced by Grace Yan Yan Mak
Cinematography by Craig McCourry

HongKonglicious episodes 1-3 are now available to watch on Amazon:

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Cannes: All Access

In 2006, Craig worked as a cameraman with renowned film critic Richard Schickel and producer Brian Jamison on their documentary film, "Bienvenue à Cannes" (also known by the title, Cannes: All Access). This film is about the renowned Cannes Film Festival held each year in France. The film includes interviews and behind the scenes footage with various film personalities including directors Steven Spielberg, Sydney Pollack, Oliver Stone, Ron Howard, Brian Glazer, Harvey Weinstein, Dino De Laurentiis, Nick Nolte, Samuel L. Jackson, Chloe Sevigny, Gena Rowlands, William Dafoe and film critics Derek Malcolm (London Evening Standard), A. O. Scott (New York Times) and Roger Ebert. The film was broadcast on the Turner Movie Classics Channel.

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Empires of Steam

This railway classic documentry film released in 1999 titled "Empires of Steam" journeys into China and India for a rare glimpse into the last strongholds of the steam locomotive.  

"Empires of Steam" Take a journey into the windswept deserts of India and the cold frontiers of Northeastern China for a rare last glimpse of powerful steam trains that have managed to survive on the fringes of Asia's railway empires. This onetime "king of transportation" is riding on the brink of extinction - its last outposts now in the most remote areas of China and India. Empires of Steam explores the largest and most exotic centers of steam railway activity left anywhere in the world. Brilliant cinematography documents this closing chapter of the world's last great steam railway empires and the colorful people who still populate these remote regions. 50 minutes.

Shot on 16mm Eastman Kodak film.  International TV sales distribution by Solid Entertainment (Los Angeles). Currently the film has been sold for television broadcast on PBS (United States); TV Ontario (Canada); La Cinquieme (France); Odyssee (France); NOS-EO (The Netherlands); SF-DRS (Switzerland); TSR (Switzerland) and TVE (Brazil) with home video and DVD release in the United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

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Press Pass to the World

Craig produced, directed and shot the documentary film “Press Pass to the World."

"Press Pass to the World" follows a cast of respected journalists through the challenging, adventurous task of reporting for some of the world's leading newspapers. Driven by their search for truth, the mystery becomes less about HOW these journalists get the story than WHY they do what they do. "Press Pass to the World" is a whimsical and poignant look at a way of life that is about more than chasing stories - it's about pursuing dreams. 58 minutes.

Filmed on location in New Delhi, Hong Kong, Seoul, Washington, D.C., Havana and Vienna with foreign correspondents employed by The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, The International Herald Tribune, The Times of India, The Jerusalem Post, Reuters, Agence France-Presse and others.

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The Great Bazaars

Craig produced, directed and shot the documentary film “The Great Bazaars."

"The Great Bazaars" For centuries, across vast windswept deserts and through rugged outposts, the various peoples of the Islamic world traveled by camel caravan to trade in the ancient marketplaces of Cairo, Istanbul, Marrakesh and Fez. Today the Great Bazaars are struggling against an onslaught of economic and cultural changes that imperils their historic significance within the Muslim world. The Great Bazaars takes you on the journey of a lifetime, across the green-glaze tiled rooftops of Fez, through the cobbled lanes and blind alleys of Cairo, past the jutting minarets and domed mosques of Istanbul, into the heart of these ancient marketplaces. Enter a realm where religion and commerce are intertwined, where every transaction is a choreographed ritual of negotiation, where merchants and craftsmen keep alive old traditions in their everyday trade. Filmed on location in Morocco, Egypt and Turkey. 50 minutes

Photographed on location in Cairo, Istanbul, Marrakesh and Fez. Shot on 16mm Eastman Kodak film.  International TV sales distribution by Solid Entertainment (Los Angeles). 

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Venice: Tides of Change

Craig produced, directed and shot the documentary film “Venice: Tides of Change."

"Venice: Tides of Change" What happens when the forces of the outside world threaten to submerge the local culture of an insular society? For over 800 years, the residents of Venice have preserved their city's culture despite the changes around them. But now Venice struggles to maintain its unique character against a host of problems including unprecedented rates of migration, mass tourism and environmental damage. The Venetian people now find themselves in a perilous balance as they reflect upon the issues that may soon swamp their society. Searching for solutions, the Venetians confront the possibility that their culture may drift away long before the city's historic landmarks sink into the Adriatic Sea. 50 minutes.

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When an extra-terrestrial pod lands in Hong Kong the human transformations begin. With seemingly no way of detection, the population is being infected by an alien virus, which transforms them into a modified human species. Sergeant Dave Chan and Hong Kong security forces are left to deal with the problem, whilst everyone lives in fear and paranoia. In an effort to contain the transformations, Hong Kong's borders are closed, while regular citizens quickly have to confront a fight-or-flight scenario. The rules of survival have changed. To remain human is to live in fear.

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HONG KONG 1942 (movie publicity stills)


Actor Harry Oram / Behind-the-Scenes video

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Photos - CHRISTMAS AT THE ROYAL HOTEL (Behind the Scenes)

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